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Responsible for all content on this website: Sonja Vilei.

BSc in Food Science and Nutrition, MSc in Rural Development, Food Marketing and Co-operative Organisation, PhD in agricultural economics.

Copy-editor, copy-writer, translator.

Beyond all titles: human being, woman, mother.

(Preliminary) Target reached.


Today, as freelance copy-editor, text designer and translator, I deal with words all the time, in books, yearly reports, advertising, catalogues, websites...


During the five years I spent as scientific associate at the Institute for Agricultural Economics of the University of Hohenheim I was often concerned with written (and spoken) words: applying for external funds, writing scientific articles, proofing symposium reports/articles/speeches, translating articles and lecture materials, and reviewing for scientific journals. 



The journey to reach this target


From Ludwigsburg, Germany, via Cork (Ireland) to Africa.


Starting in Ludwigsburg, Germany, I moved to Fulda for studying Nutrition and Food Business. A placement brought me to Dublin, Ireland. For my Bachelor thesis I moved to Cork (also Ireland) and added a Master in Rural Development, Food Marketing and Co-operative Organisation, travelling to Ethopia for my thesis.


Moving to South East Asia.


For my PhD in Agriculture I crossed about half the globe to land in the Philippines and evaluate, discuss, and write about the Participatory Evaluation of the Sustainability of Farming Systems.


Besides and inbetween I promoted Nutrition and (Organic) Agriculture at schools, worked for a Certification Body for Organic Agriculture and got (and cherish) a family of my own.




If there is a task I cannot help you with, I can always rely on my, female only, colleagues from the network Texttreff.

Dr. Sonja Vilei


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