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You can either mail to me or give me a call.


Tel: (0049) - (0)9274-8084078

Email: info@lektorat-vilei.de


Dr. Sonja Vilei

Krögelstein 49, 96142 Hollfeld


The following information is helpful as well:


Proofreading/editing: kind of manuscript, number of pages, delivery date. Some sample pages are helpful for estimating costs.


Translation: topic, format (MS Word...), delivery date.


Of course, I will treat your information and/or manuscript absolutely confidential!


Dr. Sonja Vilei


Dr. Sonja Vilei. Krögelstein 49. 96142 Hollfeld

T: (0049) - (0)9274-8084078 / E: info@lektorat-vilei.de